Support for the operation and maintenance of your equipment

Pre-programmed CMMS, simplified operation

Our CMMS* software will allow you to accurately manage the life of your equipment.ordi

• Planning of operations and maintenance tasks

• Rigorous monitoring of costs during all the stages of life of the appliance

• Provision of maintenance documents

• Procedures

• Notices

• Management of technician qualifications

* Computer Assisted Maintenance Management

Spare parts catalog for simple maintenance

The after-sales service offers all the spare parts for wear and safety that are useful for your maintenance phases.


• High stock of components

• For emergencies

• For routine maintenance

• Shipping within 24 hours for stored components

• Conveyors

• Ropeways

• Surgace lifts

Training for your employees

The LST training center welcomes you to our facilities in Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac for training courses adapted to the maintenance of your installations.


• Qualifying training courses

• Approved training center

• Improved maintenance

A wind of modernity on your domains

LST offers you all its know-how to consolidate and retrofit your devices.

• Improved security level through the SEGATE product, our r estraining bar closing detection.

• Optimization of operating conditions thanks to our canopy adaptable on all conveyors.

Our retrofits will extend the life of your devices.

segate photo  Capture d’écran 2018-04-24 à 07.50.25


SEGATE: Electronic surveillance system of the safety bar on chair liftCapture d’écran 2018-04-24 à 07.50.25

The system has been designed to help people driving the lift safely. Thanks to different technology, SEGATE warns you when loading is not correct.

  • Compatible with all lifts
  • Insensitive to the environment
  • Discretion for the user
  • User becomes an actor of his own safety (thanks to the panel)
  • SEGATE 2.0, a reliable and robust update
  • Web app available to recover information about the use.
  • Simplified interface on the touchscreen.

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