Pulsed Gondola

Pulsed Gondola

The most economical gondola transport solution.

Key features


• Pre-assembled stations at the factory in three parts

• Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components accessible from the ground

• Hydraulic tensioning and breaking units at the front of the station in a closed room

• Hydraulic unit with manual back-up pump (tension and brake)

• Emergency drive directly coupled to the bullwheel (optional)

• Vehicles guided through the station

• Carefully designed gear motor housing



• Simplifed assembly on-site

• Easier maintenance for the operator without requiring work at height

• Accessible for operation and maintenance

• Used to evacuate the lift in the event of hydraulic system failure

• Used to evacuate the line in the event of a gearbox and/or motor malfunction

• Improved passenger comfort

• Low noise level around the station and protection from adverse weather