Fixed Grip Chairlift
Fixed Grip Chairlift

Fixed Grip Chairlift

Fixed grip 4-seater compact chairlifts to reduce assembly time, maintenance and environmental impact.

Key features


  • Pre-assembled stations at the factory in three parts
  • Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components accessible from the ground
  • Hydraulic tensioning and breaking units at he front of the station in a closed room
  • Hydraulic unit with manual back-up pump (tension and brake)
  • Emergency drive directly coupled to the bullwheel (optional)
  • Vehicles guided through the terminal
  • Carefully designed gear-motor housing


  • Simplifed assembly on-site
  • Easier maintenance for the operator without requiring work at height
  • Accessible for operation and maintenance
  • Used to evacuate the lift in the event of hydraulic system failure
  • Used to evacuate the line in the event of a gearbox and/or motor malfunction
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Low noise level around the station and protectionfrom adverse weather

Technical specifications

Transport capacity up to 2400 p/h
Maximum speed without loading carpet up to 2.3 m/s
Maximum speed with loading carpet up to 2.6 m/s
Line gauge 4.8 m
Drive station tension up to 60 t
Return station tension up to 60 t


Wind seat


Whether you are planning a small installation or a more ambitious project, our towers address all your needs. We offer tubular towers in galvanized steel, which are available in different lengths. All our towers are supplied with work platforms and rope posts for maintenance. The towers are compatible with our entire range of sheave trains.

Sheave Batteries

Our wide range of sheave trains respond to all load situations. They are available in numerous configurations: support, compression, and support-compression. Our assembly system enables adjustment in all directions.

Support sheave load Up to  7,5 kN
Compression sheave load Up to  7 kN
Sheave diameter 400 mm
Number of sheaves – S or C type 2 à 12
Number of sheaves – 4SC type 4S/4C
Sheave type Aluminium body and steel disc
Sheave bearing Permanently lubricated bearing


The integrated spring makes our grips special. A constant clamping force on the rope is easy on the rope and the grip, preventing premature wear. The spring assembly of a helicoid disk spring aids cleaning and maintenance.

 Grip Type FK2
Cable diameter Ø 36-45 mm
Shaft diameter Ø 75 mm
Type of lift Quad
Grip’s duckbills Plastic

4-seater compact station

We offer fixed-grip chairlifts quad chairs. The entire terminal is pre-assembled and tested at our factory in Germany. Onsite, the compact design reduces assembly time considerably. Furthermore, the return terminal has a minimal footprint – a major advantage in steep slopes.