Cable Car
Cable Car

Cable Car

The experience of ER2i montagne, which has now joined lst, permits us to design or renovate all types of cable car.


Design engineering, 3D design, sizing and optimisation of machinery, operating procedures for interventions, renovation work.

The experience of ER2i and its teams means we can now carry out even the most ambitious renovation work and design entire new cable car lines.

Key product references

> Cable car at the Grande Motte glacier – TIGNES – Customer: STGM – 2013
Installation of a rescue cable car (design, manufacture, installation)

> Pomb du Cantal cable car – LE LIORAN – Customer: Conseil Général du Cantal 2013
Saddle shoes replacement (design, manufacture, installation)

> ST LARY cable car – Customer: Seirel – 2013
Replacement of the entire drive train

> SHEM service cable car – Pont de Camps – Customer: SHEM – 2013
Stations renovation (design, manufacture, installation)

> EDF service cable car at Naguilhes – Customer: EDF – 2012
Large-scale renovation (design, manufacture, installation)

> SHEM service cable car – Eget – Customer: SHEM – 2012
Complete replacement of the cabin carriage (design, manufacture, installation)