Economic rope tow for beginners. Particularly suitable for junior ski schools.

Technical specifications

• Rope tow with no intermediate support,  no hanger and no handle
• Easy operation, minimum maintenance
• Maximum length: 150 m
• Maximum slope: 15%
• Power: 2.2 kW (three-phase 380V)
• EC electrical cabinet
• Fixed speed: 1 m/s
• Spliced plastic rope diameter 22 mm
• Galvanised metal parts
• Reversible up-line direction
• Adjustable height and angle for drive and return terminals
• No concrete foundation: pegged into the ground
• Quick to install (1/2 day)

Safety features

• Double safety gate : the first with automatic reset & the second with manual reset
• Drive and return bullwheels with groove designed to avoid the rope twisting
• Drive and return bullwheels covered, preventing hands being inserted into the mechanism

Track preparation

• The ground must be even, straight up to 100 m and concave up to 150 m
• Option: top drive